Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Ciao a tutte/i,
this is a loose attempt to get you, the masterini/e of all years, together. You are very much invited to put yourself on the "masterini world map", and to become members of this blog (easy sign up). Mind also the existing emalumni yahoo newsgroup.

E.MA is now celebrating its 10th birthday, and according to the numbers, we are not at masterino/a number 1000 yet, but counting this year's masterini, it is around 900 which is now roaming the world, filling the interstices, etc.

Those of you who did the programme in the first years will vividly remember Prof. Antonio Papisca, the "father of the programme". He now stepped back from his official functions, and gave a farewell speech at this year's graduating/opening ceremony.

It is work in progress, thanks for your input and feed-back.

greetings from the Lido! Georg

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